Competition Coffee Tasting with Jill & Sandy


Join us for an evening of experiencing and tasting Jill and Sandy's recent National Barista competition sets. 

March 15 - 17 Jill and Sandy competed in the 2019 National Barista competition and placed 3rd and 6th in the country, with their amazing coffee and engaging sets. We want to celebrate them and give you the opportunity to also experience their sets and coffees for yourselves.

Apr. 3rd at 7pm, at Fifth Ave, Jill and Sandy will be giving a behind the scenes on how they created their sets, connected their coffees (Jill used three different ones!), and constructed each of the 3 courses they presented to their panel of judges.

Attendees will be served the following single espresso drinks:

Espresso / Gesha Village Lot 41
Espresso / Elida Estates
Cappuccino w/ freeze distilled milk / Gesha Village Lot 41
Cappuccino w/ freeze distilled milk + sous vide milk / Gesha Village Lot 41
Sandy's signature drink / Gesha Village Lot 41
Jill's signature drink / La Papaya

We promise this event to be an eye opening event to what coffee can be, and into the world of Barista Competitions. Your tastebuds will thank you for attending! ;)

Due to limits on the amount of competition coffee we have left, there's only 20 tickets available!



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