Monogram x Pullman BigStep Tamper


We partnered with Australian Tamper company Pullman for the first iteration of our own signature tamper! Pullman tampers are 100% Australian Made, beautiful and made to the highest standard of material and usability. 


The handle is fully powdercoated white with the signature Monogram insignia engraved in the middle / side of the handle. 


The base is Pullman's trademark BigStep base, the best tamper base we have ever used. Originally designed to maximize useable tolerance for fit in competition baskets, these bases optimize the tamp for max extraction by the barista. The base is made from 630 Grade Stainless steel (min 40 Rockwell)  from premium materials in Australia. The name refers to the diameter of the stepped base - an exact 58.55 mm (+/- 0.03mm) which is the perfect diameter to fit baskets 58.7 mm wide. The base shape prevents any potential vacuum or sucking effects when using a tamper base incorrectly sized (too large) that can create fractures and channels in the puck when lifting after tamping. It's large size maximizes the tamped surface area of the coffee, giving higher potential for extraction. 


We use the BigStep in our cafes everyday and love the improved control over extraction, the superbly balanced weight and feel of the tamper in our hands, and the quality and durability of the tool.