EVENT // The Bolivians Are Back!



We're happy to announce that the Bolivians are coming back (anyone remember La Linda and La Llama?!)! We've sourced from Agricafe again, an amazing farm that creates programs and initiatives for other local producers. This is one of our strongest coffee relationships, and we're so happy to be working alongside Agricafe. Bolivian coffees are not very well known, but we truly feel these are some of the best in the world - we're so excited to finally have them here!

This year, we're hosting a party to ring in the arrival of the Bolivian coffees, give you an opportunity to hear about our trip there last year, and most importantly - taste them! We'll be holding a tasting of our Bolivian selections, as well as serving custom beautiful coffee and cascara (coffee husk!) signature drinks created by Jill Hoff. 

Please join us for an evening of celebrating these incredible Bolivian coffees, and better yet - tasting them!

The Details /

Wednesday, May 29th
Fifth Avenue Place, Monogram Coffee

6:30pm - 7pm
Signature drinks, hear from Jeremy and Ben

7pm - 8pm
Coffee cupping/tasting and discussion

8pm - 8:30pm
Hear from Agricafe owner and producers

For those who are worried about consuming coffee in the evening, the cascara signature drink will have low caffeine, and spit cups will be provided during the cupping! ;)

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